Regular Exercise Versus Boot Camp & Personal Training

Boot camps were traditionally designed in order to increase the endurance, strength and stamina of military recruits. They help in achieving weight loss and getting a toned and fit body. Working with fitness trainers has tremendous advantages over regular exercise.

Exposure to natural surroundings

Most of the workouts that are done at Dangerously Fit Personal Training are performed outdoors. Hence the participants are exposed to fresh air and sunlight. This helps in increasing immunity, increasing production of Vitamin D and strengthens the core of the body. Regular exercises are generally done indoors on exercise equipment and do not offer the benefits of being surrounded by a natural environment.

Group workouts

It is always better to exercise in a group rather than workout alone. Group workouts promote team spirit, discipline and healthy competition. Participants from different backgrounds bond with each other and it leads to healthy relationships. You do not get these advantages when you work out alone.



A boot camp consists of like-minded people who have the common goal of getting a healthy and active lifestyle. The achievements of one participant can help in motivating others. This is not possible when you work out alone.

Variety of activities

Regular gym workouts offer a specific set of exercises like squats, crunches, aerobic exercises or exercising on health equipment. On the other hand, Dangerously Fit boot camp offers a number of different physical activities such as climbing the hill, jogging along the riverside, trekking, swimming, cycling, relay racing etc. This helps in making workouts fun and participants look forward to doing these fun activities.

Mental stimulation

A boot camp increases mental ability, concentration, makes the mind agile and boosts memory power. This is because the exercises that are done in a Sydney boot camp increase the blood flow to the tissues and make the brain work faster.

Challenging limits

Boot camps in Sydney helps you break barriers and challenge limits. There is greater scope to challenge your body when you are a part of a boot camp. This maximizes the effects of your workouts and helps in getting faster results.

Change in scenery

When you workout in a gym, you perform the exercises in the same location. There is minimum scope for change in location. However, various activities offered in a Sydney boot camp allow you to have a change in scenery. Having different surroundings has a calming effect on your mind and makes you feel rejuvenated.


When you are late for your exercise sessions or skip classes, you are accountable to your fitness trainer. However, the accountability increases when you are a part of a boot camp. In a boot camp if you are late or if you skip sessions, it gets noticed amongst your team members. Hence you tend to have an increased level of commitment and there is a general discipline that you maintain.

A boot camp helps you achieve weight loss, burn excess fat, get a toned body and fit lifestyle. It also helps in increasing confidence levels and mental ability. Thus you get faster and more effective results.

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