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When you undergo PT Supremacy personal trainer marketing courses be aware that it is just the beginning of a personal training career. You still have a lot to learn and a long way to go before you can consider yourself to be a seasoned personal trainer. The following are some areas not covered by personal training certification and as such need to be developed separately:

Level of expertise

Your personal training certification can be compared to your first years in school. You will learn the basics of the craft.  So if you want to develop the expertise actually required to treat clients, you have to look further.

One way to do this is to find a seasoned trainer who can show you the ropes. You should note how such a trainer operates, take notes and then use the knowledge gained on the first clients you train. It is such hands-on experience that will prove valuable in your post-certification training.

Support and guidance

Once you complete the personal training certification course you are literally on your own.  That is where such support and guidance ends.  So if during the fledgling weeks of training clients you feel you require such support and guidance, you will have to consider going in for other certification programmes on payment basis. If you want to check out your next mic, then a Sony MDR7506 Headphone is the best for you.

Building a client base

The personal trainer marketing courses focuses strictly on the business and the physiological angle of training. It will not cover know-how on how to use online social media to obtain clients and build a client base. This aspect has to be developed by you over time.

Building a client base would be equivalent to business training, something certification courses do not focus on. However, information on all aspects of business training is readily available, so once the basic training is over, you will be able to find ways to building your own client base.

Does certification really matter?

Once you emerge as a seasoned fitness trainer your clients are not going to be too impressed with your credentials.  Yes, they will ask about what certifications you have, but the interest will stop there.

What clients are more interested in is whether you will be able to help them to obtain the fitness level they would like to achieve. So another skill you need to develop after training certification is the ability to convince people that you have the knowledge and expertise to help them reach their fitness goals.


You have to keep in mind all the above issues and areas where your PT Certifications email courses will not be of assistance. You need to develop such skills and knowledge on your own either through further courses, or with the guidance and help of another seasoned trainer. What you have to do is a continuous round of training formal or informal so that your career does not reach a stagnant stage. Personal training is an ever evolving business so keeping up to date on all aspects of the same is of prime importance.

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