Don’t Just Focus on your Scale Weight

It is a machine that people love and love to hate- depending on the figures it throws up. The ubiquitous personal weighing machine – a gadget most people who work out regularly keep on hand to give them hard facts with regard to their weight.

It is almost like a ‘mirror, mirror on the wall’ love-hate relationship.  If the readings show you have lost weight, the machine becomes a favourite tool – if not, it can earn your ire and disgust.

The most important before you get on your weighing machine is to understand how many calories you should eat to lose weight. Best is to use a calorie tool which will tell you exactly your daily calorie allowance. This needs to be recalculated each time you lose weight.


A daily obsession

If you try to check weight loss on a daily basis, you are in for a large slice of disappointment. The body weight fluctuates from one day to another and at times can show changes even in one day.

Because of this it would be sensible to avoid getting hooked to daily weight checking and putting yourself through an experience that is neither helpful nor encouraging. Try to understand how the body works and you will get a better grip on avoiding such a discouraging experience.

The ups and downs

Yes, after working out for some time, it would be beneficial to use the weighing scale to check for weight loss. If the figure shown reflects a drop in weight it can do wonders for your psyche.

You will go around with a cheerful attitude the whole day, in fact make efforts to cheer other people up and share the positive attitude losing weight has achieved for you. It is a good thing for sure. But the reverse can happen.  

On a particular day the scales may show if not an increased figure, just no improvement at all in your weight change. This can have a damaging effect.

After all the hard work outs you find that according to the scales you have not dropped a single pound, your expectant attitude will plummet and you will go around radiating a sense of negativity. Does it make sense? To let a weighing machine dictate how you should feel about yourself?

How it works

The weighing scale can often not reflect the real changes that take place inside the body. Often there have been positive changes inside but which will not reflect on the weighing scale.

There are other ways to check whether you have indeed lost weight after weeks of working out. You could take a tape measure and measure the stomach, waist etc. to see if any inches have been lost. You could also check the clothes you used to wear to see if they have become loose?

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These would be more concrete ways to find out if you have undergone any weight loss.  So, yes, keep the weighing scale handy, but do not get obsessed with it. Use it at respectable intervals when it will be sure to give you readings that will not disappoint you.

Other ways to help with losing weight

You should keep the scale as a kind of standby unit to check your weight once in a way. In the meantime you need to ensure that you carry on with your regular work outs and eat the right foods.

If you continue with a healthy regime of exercise and food there is no reason why your body will not response and you will lose weight. It is then and on set times that you should bring out the weighing scales.

With hard work and the right diet you will definitely see figures that will have you whistling all day. So starting now, get rid of the obsession of making the weighing scale your daily companion. It will prove a more trustworthy friend when used at suitable intervals.




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