Creating an Effective “Refer a Friend Programme” for Your Internet Fitness Marketing

Client referral or refer-a-friend programme is one of the strongest and most effective internet fitness marketing strategies. It has the dual advantage of helping you retain existing clients and to attract new customer for your business. It helps you reach out and spread the word to a group of people who were otherwise difficult for you to contact. Design an effective referral programme and watch your business grow.

Incentives to your clients

Gather your clients and tell them about your referral programme. Give them incentives for every membership that they get for you.

It may be anything such as sports passes, shopping vouchers, movie tickets, gym bag, T-shirts, exercise shoes etc. You could even have a bumper prize such as a phone, ipod, laptop etc for the person who gets the maximum number of memberships in six months.

This internet fitness marketing strategy ensures that the attractive incentives make your client support your cause and advertise your business wholeheartedly. Thus they talk to more and more people about your services and your business gets good word-of-mouth marketing.


Attract potential clients

Offer attractive schemes and discounts for people who join your services through the referral programme. If potential clients feel that they are getting a good discount or additional benefit by using the referral scheme, they are more likely to sign up for your services.

Keep it open for all

Keep the refer-a-friend scheme open for all and not just your clients. Talk to other businesses, departmental stores, sports stores etc. Offer them free advertising, monetary benefits or discounts on your services if they can refer people for your business. This is a great internet fitness marketing tactic which can get more people talking about your business and getting clients for you.


Make a database of all the people who have come to you for inquiries irrespective of whether they have signed up or not. Tell your clients to provide you with the list of people who they have spoken to and are likely to sign up in the future. This database can be a wealth of prospective customers and you can follow up with them at a later time. You can add them to your email list and use them constructively.

Execute it well

After creating a fitness marketing plan, it is important to execute it well. Make sure you advertise this scheme to maximum people. Let them know the incentives that they will get for getting memberships for your business and well the incentives that the new members will get for joining your services.

Be professional

Be professional and stand by your promises. Do not back out of any commitment you have given to anyone. It creates a bad impression of your business and is likely to tarnish your reputation. Keep a track of everything so that it is easier to distribute prizes and stand by what you have promised.

The refer-a-friend programme is a great internet fitness marketing tool. It provides great scope for expanding your business and getting more customers for your services. Use it wisely and implement it properly to get the best out of it.

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