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Kaz’s Korner

Setting goals for bowls

Goal setting provides purpose and direction. Be realistic in your goals, make them achievable.

When you are not playing at your best and being challenged, your goals are your motivation!!!

All bowlers start somewhere with their personal goals, my first goal was to win the club singles!


image of Karen Murphy


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Lawn_Bowls_newDSG - Melbourne's leading supplier of Lawn Bowls equipment, accessories and clothing.
Lawn Bowls is a great way to relax, meet new friends and stay fit and active. Joining your local bowling club gives you access to all the fun and social times of a friendly club environment, a place to meet with friends and family, to network and make new acquaintences and extend your social life, and best of all it's a low stress way of staying healthy.
Here at DSG we are experts in all things related to lawn bowls. We believe our job is to make it easy and fun to equip yourself with the latest and very best in lawn bowling equipment, clothing and accessories, so that you can get out there and enjoy your bowls.
We have built up a comprehensive range of everything you'll ever need to get going with your bowling, with product lines from all the leading lawn bowls equipment suppliers.


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Personal Training Course for Business & Marketing

Choose A Personal Trainer Course That Offers A Business & Marketing Module

personal trainer

When you undergo PT Supremacy personal trainer marketing courses be aware that it is just the beginning of a personal training career. You still have a lot to learn and a long way to go before you can consider yourself to be a seasoned personal trainer. The following are some areas not covered by personal training certification and as such need to be developed separately:

Level of expertise

Your personal training certification can be compared to your first years in school. You will learn the basics of the craft.  So if you want to develop the expertise actually required to treat clients, you have to look further.

One way to do this is to find a seasoned trainer who can show you the ropes. You should note how such a trainer operates, take notes and then use the knowledge gained on the first clients you train. It is such hands-on experience that will prove valuable in your post-certification training.

Support and guidance

Once you complete the personal training certification course you are literally on your own.  That is where such support and guidance ends.  So if during the fledgling weeks of training clients you feel you require such support and guidance, you will have to consider going in for other certification programmes on payment basis. If you want to check out your next mic, then a Sony MDR7506 Headphone is the best for you.

Building a client base

The personal trainer marketing courses focuses strictly on the business and the physiological angle of training. It will not cover know-how on how to use online social media to obtain clients and build a client base. This aspect has to be developed by you over time.

Building a client base would be equivalent to business training, something certification courses do not focus on. However, information on all aspects of business training is readily available, so once the basic training is over, you will be able to find ways to building your own client base.

Does certification really matter?

Once you emerge as a seasoned fitness trainer your clients are not going to be too impressed with your credentials.  Yes, they will ask about what certifications you have, but the interest will stop there.

What clients are more interested in is whether you will be able to help them to obtain the fitness level they would like to achieve. So another skill you need to develop after training certification is the ability to convince people that you have the knowledge and expertise to help them reach their fitness goals.


You have to keep in mind all the above issues and areas where your PT Certifications email courses will not be of assistance. You need to develop such skills and knowledge on your own either through further courses, or with the guidance and help of another seasoned trainer. What you have to do is a continuous round of training formal or informal so that your career does not reach a stagnant stage. Personal training is an ever evolving business so keeping up to date on all aspects of the same is of prime importance.

To register for your Australia PT Certifications go to

Great Advice From a Fitness Trainer That Knows!

When you attend the fitness training programs at Dangerously Fit Personal Training Gold Coast you are put through sessions of vigorous workouts in such a way to tone every part of your body.

As you go through the rigors of multiple-exercises with only short breaks in between to let your muscles recover, you comprehend the importance of a few personal accessories for effectively performing at the personal trainers.


Sportswear for comfort

The fitness trainers exhort you to always be attired in sportswear that is comfortable and of the right fit. Though innovative manufacturers are marketing one-piece sportswear for exercising, the two-piece T-shirts and track suits are yet the popular clothing for the personal trainers. You are recommended to wear 100% cotton T-shirts for their absorbent qualities that enable you to remain dry in spite of sweating profusely during the workouts.

The sport shoes are not ornamental pieces but are highly functional in nature. You could cope-up to the high demands of the personal trainers only if you sport a good pair of shoes. Your shoes got to be of high quality exercises shoes that have the capacity to bear heavy workloads.

As manufacturers these days come-up with specialty shoes for each sport, you may enquire for apt shoes for exercising and try it out for the right size before buying it. You should also use absorbent cotton socks of good quality so as to get good cushioning effect for your feet.

Working with a personal trainer will tire you out, in the short breaks you are provided between exercises you need to have replenishment of water to avoid dehydration. You would similarly feel better when you wipe the sweat from your body between exercises. Hence water bottles and towels are essential personal accessories that are required by you during the workouts.

By taking the three essential accessories listed above you are physically and psychologically well-equipped to perform at the gym.

Creating an Effective “Refer a Friend Programme” for Your Internet Fitness Marketing

Client referral or refer-a-friend programme is one of the strongest and most effective internet fitness marketing strategies. It has the dual advantage of helping you retain existing clients and to attract new customer for your business. It helps you reach out and spread the word to a group of people who were otherwise difficult for you to contact. Design an effective referral programme and watch your business grow.

Incentives to your clients

Gather your clients and tell them about your referral programme. Give them incentives for every membership that they get for you.

It may be anything such as sports passes, shopping vouchers, movie tickets, gym bag, T-shirts, exercise shoes etc. You could even have a bumper prize such as a phone, ipod, laptop etc for the person who gets the maximum number of memberships in six months.

This internet fitness marketing strategy ensures that the attractive incentives make your client support your cause and advertise your business wholeheartedly. Thus they talk to more and more people about your services and your business gets good word-of-mouth marketing.


Attract potential clients

Offer attractive schemes and discounts for people who join your services through the referral programme. If potential clients feel that they are getting a good discount or additional benefit by using the referral scheme, they are more likely to sign up for your services.

Keep it open for all

Keep the refer-a-friend scheme open for all and not just your clients. Talk to other businesses, departmental stores, sports stores etc. Offer them free advertising, monetary benefits or discounts on your services if they can refer people for your business. This is a great internet fitness marketing tactic which can get more people talking about your business and getting clients for you.


Make a database of all the people who have come to you for inquiries irrespective of whether they have signed up or not. Tell your clients to provide you with the list of people who they have spoken to and are likely to sign up in the future. This database can be a wealth of prospective customers and you can follow up with them at a later time. You can add them to your email list and use them constructively.

Execute it well

After creating a fitness marketing plan, it is important to execute it well. Make sure you advertise this scheme to maximum people. Let them know the incentives that they will get for getting memberships for your business and well the incentives that the new members will get for joining your services.

Be professional

Be professional and stand by your promises. Do not back out of any commitment you have given to anyone. It creates a bad impression of your business and is likely to tarnish your reputation. Keep a track of everything so that it is easier to distribute prizes and stand by what you have promised.

The refer-a-friend programme is a great internet fitness marketing tool. It provides great scope for expanding your business and getting more customers for your services. Use it wisely and implement it properly to get the best out of it.

Regular Exercise Versus Boot Camp & Personal Training

Boot camps were traditionally designed in order to increase the endurance, strength and stamina of military recruits. They help in achieving weight loss and getting a toned and fit body. Working with fitness trainers has tremendous advantages over regular exercise.

Exposure to natural surroundings

Most of the workouts that are done at Dangerously Fit Personal Training are performed outdoors. Hence the participants are exposed to fresh air and sunlight. This helps in increasing immunity, increasing production of Vitamin D and strengthens the core of the body. Regular exercises are generally done indoors on exercise equipment and do not offer the benefits of being surrounded by a natural environment.

Group workouts

It is always better to exercise in a group rather than workout alone. Group workouts promote team spirit, discipline and healthy competition. Participants from different backgrounds bond with each other and it leads to healthy relationships. You do not get these advantages when you work out alone.



A boot camp consists of like-minded people who have the common goal of getting a healthy and active lifestyle. The achievements of one participant can help in motivating others. This is not possible when you work out alone.

Variety of activities

Regular gym workouts offer a specific set of exercises like squats, crunches, aerobic exercises or exercising on health equipment. On the other hand, Dangerously Fit boot camp offers a number of different physical activities such as climbing the hill, jogging along the riverside, trekking, swimming, cycling, relay racing etc. This helps in making workouts fun and participants look forward to doing these fun activities.

Mental stimulation

A boot camp increases mental ability, concentration, makes the mind agile and boosts memory power. This is because the exercises that are done in a Sydney boot camp increase the blood flow to the tissues and make the brain work faster.

Challenging limits

Boot camps in Sydney helps you break barriers and challenge limits. There is greater scope to challenge your body when you are a part of a boot camp. This maximizes the effects of your workouts and helps in getting faster results.

Change in scenery

When you workout in a gym, you perform the exercises in the same location. There is minimum scope for change in location. However, various activities offered in a Sydney boot camp allow you to have a change in scenery. Having different surroundings has a calming effect on your mind and makes you feel rejuvenated.


When you are late for your exercise sessions or skip classes, you are accountable to your fitness trainer. However, the accountability increases when you are a part of a boot camp. In a boot camp if you are late or if you skip sessions, it gets noticed amongst your team members. Hence you tend to have an increased level of commitment and there is a general discipline that you maintain.

A boot camp helps you achieve weight loss, burn excess fat, get a toned body and fit lifestyle. It also helps in increasing confidence levels and mental ability. Thus you get faster and more effective results.

Don’t Just Focus on your Scale Weight

It is a machine that people love and love to hate- depending on the figures it throws up. The ubiquitous personal weighing machine – a gadget most people who work out regularly keep on hand to give them hard facts with regard to their weight.

It is almost like a ‘mirror, mirror on the wall’ love-hate relationship.  If the readings show you have lost weight, the machine becomes a favourite tool – if not, it can earn your ire and disgust.

The most important before you get on your weighing machine is to understand how many calories you should eat to lose weight. Best is to use a calorie tool which will tell you exactly your daily calorie allowance. This needs to be recalculated each time you lose weight.


A daily obsession

If you try to check weight loss on a daily basis, you are in for a large slice of disappointment. The body weight fluctuates from one day to another and at times can show changes even in one day.

Because of this it would be sensible to avoid getting hooked to daily weight checking and putting yourself through an experience that is neither helpful nor encouraging. Try to understand how the body works and you will get a better grip on avoiding such a discouraging experience.

The ups and downs

Yes, after working out for some time, it would be beneficial to use the weighing scale to check for weight loss. If the figure shown reflects a drop in weight it can do wonders for your psyche.

You will go around with a cheerful attitude the whole day, in fact make efforts to cheer other people up and share the positive attitude losing weight has achieved for you. It is a good thing for sure. But the reverse can happen.  

On a particular day the scales may show if not an increased figure, just no improvement at all in your weight change. This can have a damaging effect.

After all the hard work outs you find that according to the scales you have not dropped a single pound, your expectant attitude will plummet and you will go around radiating a sense of negativity. Does it make sense? To let a weighing machine dictate how you should feel about yourself?

How it works

The weighing scale can often not reflect the real changes that take place inside the body. Often there have been positive changes inside but which will not reflect on the weighing scale.

There are other ways to check whether you have indeed lost weight after weeks of working out. You could take a tape measure and measure the stomach, waist etc. to see if any inches have been lost. You could also check the clothes you used to wear to see if they have become loose?

To read more about this topic visit

These would be more concrete ways to find out if you have undergone any weight loss.  So, yes, keep the weighing scale handy, but do not get obsessed with it. Use it at respectable intervals when it will be sure to give you readings that will not disappoint you.

Other ways to help with losing weight

You should keep the scale as a kind of standby unit to check your weight once in a way. In the meantime you need to ensure that you carry on with your regular work outs and eat the right foods.

If you continue with a healthy regime of exercise and food there is no reason why your body will not response and you will lose weight. It is then and on set times that you should bring out the weighing scales.

With hard work and the right diet you will definitely see figures that will have you whistling all day. So starting now, get rid of the obsession of making the weighing scale your daily companion. It will prove a more trustworthy friend when used at suitable intervals.




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